Water Damage To Your HomeWater ExtractionDrying Systems

Water Damage To Your Home

Water damage in your home is a very expensive process to get out and get the entire water removed so you can feel at home again. We can help !

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Water Extraction

Water Extraction from a flooded basement is a key element to returning your home back to livable condition as quick as possible.

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Drying Systems

A drying system is what is needed for your home when flooded basements happen. Complete water extrication will preserve what is not damaged, control mold growth and let your house feel like home again.

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Kansas City Basement Waterproofing

Kansas City Dry Basement offers water proofing services around the Kansas City Metro Area.

Kansas City Waterpoofing

Dumb Water and Smart Water in Kansas City Flooded Basements

It is important to understand the difference between the types of water accumulation that may remain after you have removed the bulk of the water from your home. These types of water accumulation require special water extraction techniques.

We use the term “dumb water” to refer to water that is just lying around your home. It may be visible, or it may be within your carpeting and its padding. Using special water extraction tools, a technician can remove a great deal of water that a regular wet vacuum would be unable to reach. By compressing the carpeting with a weighted extractor, more water is brought towards the surface that can then be vacuumed up.

“Smart water” is smart because it knows how to hide, requiring a more sophisticated means of detection and water extraction. This type of water accumulation is not often resolved through simple water extraction methods alone. Water that is absorbed by drywall or into inaccessible areas of your home is considered smart water. You may not even be aware that this water is present until you notice a mold problem.

Dealing with Smart Water Extraction

Using special detectors, trained technicians can find smart water in places you normally would not think to look, such as under enclosed stairs or under cabinets. In some situations, it may be necessary to remove drywall that has become saturated with water before damage spreads into your home’s wooden infrastructure.

Water that cannot be removed through regular water extraction methods because it is out of reach can be removed using dehumidifiers and high capacity air movers. During and after the water extraction process, the area will need to be monitored for humidity levels that will indicate if the water is successfully being reduced to ensure that mold will not begin to grow.

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